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S O U N D   O F   L I G H T

S O U N D   O F   L I G H T





with Christophan M.


" Unlock the transformative power of sound healing with integrated body language"

Welcome to our transformative sound healing training, where ancient wisdom meets modern innovation.
In this immersive experience, a two half days week-end, we delve into the traditional practices of sound healing, unlocking the power of vibrational frequencies to restore harmony and balance within the body, mind, and spirit.
What sets our training apart is the integration of body language, a revolutionary approach that adds a new dimension to the practice.
By combining the art of sound with the language of the body, participants discover a deeper connection to their instruments and themselves, resulting in profound shifts in healing and self-awareness.
Throughout the training, participants explore the fundamental principles of sound healing while learning how to harness the expressive potential of their own bodies.
This unique combination not only accelerates learning but also enhances the effectiveness of sound healing sessions.


For any inquiries,

please contact us

+1 917 617 1696

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“ If we accept that sound is vibrations and that we know those vibrations touch every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell of our body. “

SOUND, or SONIC ENERGY plays a role in the healing equation at several levels : 

it creates alterations in cellular functions through energetic effects and does help biological systems to function homeostatically.


It quiets the mind, the spirit and furthermore the body; it also generates emotional effects, 

which influence neurotransmitters 

and neuropeptides, which in turn will help regulate the immune system -

our inner healer.

" Mitchell Gaynor, Oncologist
and Professor of Medicine"

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